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About ULS

ULS is founded with an objective of providing you with affordable choices towards meeting aspirations for International education.

Cost of studies in international universities have seen a steady increase over the years and continues to raise by 5% each year, thereby making it out of reach for some of you.

Our goal is to provide you with options, which will enable you to save up to 50% of your cost.

ULS also recognizes the desire of students and parents who may wish to begin studies in their home countries with the goal to minimize the amount of time spent overseas in pursuit of international education.

ULS provides opportunities for students to study from their environment and get parental guidance before they transfer to universities abroad.

ULS introduces The University Transfer Program

At the heart of the Program is the US university system, which requires that all students should be exposed to a wide range of general subjects before choosing to specialize in a specific discipline.

ULS through its exclusive partnership brings you quality international education choices through its unique “University Transfer Programs”.

ACD-ULS exclusive partnership enables students to complete all of the basic coursework required by universities in USA and Canada in an academic area of choice before physically transferring to the university overseas or in the UAE from which they intend to earn a degree.

ULS-ACD partnership brings you the knowledge gained through transfer of over 3000 students to various universities in US and Canada.

ULS program advisors will guide you with the selection of universities, and your acceptance into selected university.

Who are We?

ULS is founded by a group of dedicated Education industry professionals, with combined knowledge and experience of over 60 years in Higher Education gained in India, UK and USA.

Our Mission:
  • To bring quality international education options to aspiring students at an affordable cost
  • To deliver quality education experience through a unique blend of online resources and facilitated learning
  • To build and sustain lasting partnerships with all stake holders.

Our Goals:
  • To provide quality education that enables students to achieve their ultimate educational goals.
  • To effectively cover the broad based general education objectives normally associated with US higher education with an emphasis on widening the perspective of the educated individual.
  • To provide relevant programs for transfer to other institutions of higher education that enable students to achieve career success.

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Letter from the President

On behalf of the Administration, Faculty and Staff of American College of Dubai, I offer you a most enthusiastic “Welcome!” to “ACD-ULS – Affiliate Centre”.

ACD in partnership with ULS will endeavour to bring you quality American University education at an affordable cost.

With our unique blended learning model,with online course instructions from the ACD-ULS home faculty and class room sessions from ACD approved facilitators you will receive ...